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Hey there, I'm Rod. The first thing you should know about me is that I'm not classically educated at all. No Harvard degree, no MBA.  In fact, my first marketing job was selling frying pans and calculators door to door at the tender age of 18.  Man, did that teach me about rejection.

From frying pans, I moved on to corporate IT roles, but the entrepreneurial itch never left me alone, and no matter how many promotions I received, I always wanted to do my own thing. I consulted at first, then eventually created a successful online retail business - ramcity.com.au - which I sold 16 years later.

I had plenty of ups and downs along the way, and in hindsight, I severely underestimated the power of paid advertising to assist with scaling up a well-converting ecommerce business in a profitable way. So after selling the business I have undergone continuous training to become one of the most highly respected Facebook advertising and email marketing experts in Australia.

I’m a digital marketer, but more than that, I’m an e-commerce subject matter expert with over 16 years of experience in growing and running a $4.6 million-plus online business. I know what it’s like to be consistently optimizing your site for maximum conversion rates, having to manage up to $1M worth of inventory, growing and leading a team, working with digital marketing agency’s and managing large marketing budgets.

So you'd like to talk about growing your business, how does this work?

We start with a free Strategy Consultation to find out if we are a good fit for each other, and if you are, we pull together a plan for you THERE and THEN. To kick things off, click the button below to book a time in my calendar:

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