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eCommerce Consultation Services

What you get:

One hour per week with an experienced ecommerce strategist – we review any emails, ads, websites or strategies you need, provide feedback, answer any of your questions

Good fit for:

Hands-on eCommerce business owners who like to run their own show, or those that have a dedicated marketing team, looking for guidance from an expert

Full Service Email Marketing

What you get:

Email strategy (what emails to send, when to send them, to which segments)

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Technical support (ESP setup, integrations, deliverability, data imports, migration from other ESP's)

Good fit for:

A growing eCommerce business with no dedicated email marketing team, looking to scale, or for those daunted by tackling a complicated migration from other ESP's to Klaviyo.

Full Service Facebook & Instagram Advertising

What you get:

Facebook / Instagram advertising strategy (what types of campaigns to use, audiences to target, ads to create, and ongoing optimisation)

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Technical support (Campaign setup, integrations, pixel, UTM, server side tracking, custom conversions, web events configuration)

Good fit for:

A growing business with no dedicated Facebook / Instagram marketing team, looking to scale, or full service agencies needing help with scaling client campaigns.

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