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Here's how we work

When you get started with us, the following resources are assigned to your project:

  • A senior project manager who oversees the entire project
  • A copywriter who can write copy that sells, but also sounds like your brand
  • A designer to craft a fresh email template layout that makes your brand stand out
  • A technical expert to handle getting your Klaviyo account set up, take care of any integrations and data migrations, and assist with maximising your sender reputation and email deliverability

Here's what we do on a month-to-month-basis

Month 1-2


  • Onboarding and technical setup
  • Export / Import of legacy data
  • Klaviyo account and integrations setup
  • Design and implement strategy

Foundational Flows Part 1

  • Create your first email template
  • Commence creating Foundational Flows

Month 3

Foundational Flows Part 2

  • Foundational Flows
  • Enhanced segmentation

Lead Capture

  • Lead capture forms

  • Setup Monthly Metrics Reporting

Month 4 and onwards

Flow Optimisation

  • Flow Split Testing (subject lines, timing, copy, creative)
  • Training

Advanced Flows

  • Tech stack integrations (reviews, shipping, fulfilment)
  • Advanced flows
  • Enhanced user profile data

What our clients are saying..

"Rod is an excellent communicator and provided clear and constructive advice on how we could improve our business while delivering exceptional service with Facebook Marketing."


Daniel Hoffman


Clock Shop

"Rod is extremely knowledgeable and it's clear he has a passion for what he does and a passion for results! He goes beyond the task at hand and helps implement systems that will benefit our business."


Taylin Davis

Marketing Coordinator,


"Rod has been exceptional at helping us navigate Klaviyo and linking it all up with Neto. He even managed to repair some long-standing technical problems we had. Rod has always made himself available for any questions big or small. He's a great teacher, patient, and thorough. I'd highly recommend him and will definitely be working with him again in the future."


Nicky Crowley

Marketing Strategist,

Pony Rider

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

We only work on a month-to-month basis. Just sign our minimal service agreement, pay your first month and we can get started. At the end of each month, you decide if you want to continue by paying for another month.

What are Foundation Flows?

Foundational Flows are the basis of your automated email marketing system, and are an essential element to achieving a goal of 20% or more revenue attributed to email marketing. Below are the typical flows included as part of the service we provide. (Approximate number of emails in brackets):

  • Pre-Purchase (Welcome) Flow – (4-5)

  • Exit Intent Flow – (4)

  • Site Abandonment Flow – (2)

  • Browse Abandonment Flow – (3)

  • Abandoned Cart Flow – (3)

  • Abandoned Checkout Flow – (3)

  • Post Purchase Flow (First time buyer) – (4)

  • Post Purchase (2x Buyer) – (2)

  • VIP Flow (2)

  • Win Back Flow – (3)

  • Cross Sell Flow (1)

How about if I just need help setting up a fresh account with a couple of Flows?

If it's short term help you need for just a couple of months to get your project booted up, no problem. Keep in mind that most of the first month can be consumed with setting up integrations, data import, migrations, etc if that's needed. After that, our standard email delivery rate is 8 emails per month, designed and fully installed and tested to Klaviyo including any required sign-up forms.

A successful project completed on time is contingent on receiving your feedback and approval as we go through the design, copy and strategy creation process. Usually we can hit our target email delivery goal if your feedback is received within 2 business days of each request. If your internal processes take longer, that's ok, but it may mean that you need to engage us for a longer period.

I just need a fixer to rework some of my problem flows, integrations or segments - can you help?

Yes, we can help with whatever technical issues or help you need with migrations, data imports, exports, or anything else related to your email marketing channel. Our minimum engagement is our standard monthly retainer fee. Just pay your first month and we can get started. At the end of each month, you decide if you want to continue by paying for another month.

How long will it take for my flows to go live?

Once your service agreement is signed and your first months retainer received, it's generally 8 weeks from there to when your highest priority flows will be ready to go live. This includes allowing for the necessary time for onboarding, technical setup, data migrations, ecommerce integration, flow strategy, as well as copy and design approvals for each individual flow. Most foundational flow projects run for 4-5 months at the standard delivery rate, depending on client requirements.

What popup software do you use?

We recommend that you use Klaviyo's built-in pop-up sign-up forms, but we can work with your favourite popup software too, such as Gleam, Justuno and others. If you have existing forms on another platform, we can migrate it to Klaviyo for you.

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