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Family owned, Australian owned/operated online store Aquaholics is a Sunshine coast based company specialising in providing a huge range of well priced name-brand equipment and live fish to help bring hours of enjoyment and pleasure to fish-keeping hobbyists.

Background and Strategy

Aquaholics were certainly in a unique situation before starting to work with us. Thanks to the pandemic and people spending more time at home, demand for their products was stronger than ever, but how could they keep growing once things got back to normal?

Prior to beginning with us, Aquaholics had only advertised with Google Ads, but wanted to reach new customers through social media advertising.

Owner Jesse and General Manager Josiah initially engaged Rod Bland Agency on a trial basis to see if advertising on Facebook could actually work, and to their surprise, their initial test ad campaigns generated a steady 5x return on ad spend in the first couple of weeks of running a new campaign, even after doubling the initial ad budget.

At the same time, we began to provide strategic advice and design mockups on how to improve their primary landing pages and checkout process to improve website conversion rates. These designs are currently being created by their web developer.

Client Results

Although Aquaholics had been operating steadily for many years, General Manager Josiah Elstak is now looking into 2022 with a high degree of excitement and anticipation for business growth. The scope to scale the advertising campaigns further to reach more new customers is large, and he can also see the huge potential that exists with optimising their existing website and sales funnel to provide a better user experience and generate much higher conversion rates.

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