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Founded over 25 years ago, Rayell is a supplier of Homewares, Artworks and Giftware to stockists all around Australia. Their aim is to bring fresh, exciting and on trend homewares and giftwares products at an amazing price point.

Background and Strategy

Using social media advertising to grow the business was not the initial plan for Rayell, but things have changed!

The executive team at Rayell approached Rod Bland Agency initially to seek help with launching a new concept outlet homewares store near Brisbane, Australia.

Starting from scratch, we helped the marketing team grow the social media following to 30,000+ people, add 9,263 qualified subscribers to their mailing list, and reach 410,000 people to help drive store traffic, all local to the immediate area within 10 miles of the store.

Seeing the success of the campaigns for the concept store, Rayell founding family member Kevin Porter decided to engage us to help grow the wholesale customer base for Rayell.

Client Results

Contrary to popular belief, businesses who only supply to other businesses can enjoy great success advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and often enjoy a low level of competition on the platform. Once targeting and other details have been optimised, well crafted lead generation and retargeting ad campaigns can both bring in highly qualified new customers leads, as well as maximise sales opportunities with the existing customer base. We have seen that with Rayell's campaigns and have been able to generate highly qualified leads at an average of $25.65 per lead.


"Rod is extremely knowledgeable and it's clear he has a passion for what he does and a passion for results!"

Taylin Davis, Rayell Marketing Coordinator ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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